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We would like to assure all of our customers that our company and products are properly licensed and registered with the USA and the State of New York and will continue to be in full compliance with all the rules, regulations and guidelines affecting the ever changing tobacco industry.

S. 1147 PACT ACT became effective 30 June 2010. All RYO tobacco sales will have their applicable STATE RYO TOBACCO EXCISE TAX and STATE SALES TAX added to the RYO Tobacco sales.

The applicable taxes will be submitted, on the customers behalf, to their applicable state Tobacco Excise and Sales tax Commissioner.

For a copy of the PACT ACT and a list of State Excise Tax Rates and Sales Tax Rates please visit our Legal & Tax Info section.


THE NEW YORK STATE TOBACCO EXCISE TAX RATE on tobacco products has increased from 37 % to 46 % and as of 01 Aug 2010 to 75% of the wholesale price. All tobacco products sold in the State of New York State will be subject to the New York State tobacco excise tax.

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